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  • Review by Irfan Abbas
    Overall Score: 10

    Can’t Complain

    I’ve been with Navicosoft for about 2 1/2 years, I think. I’m surprised to see the many critical reviews, but perhaps my web space use doesn’t get me into issues with providers. I transferred several domains and their files to Navicosoft and ran with no particular trouble that I remember. This included a WordPress site, which made the transfer and was running right away. I’m not aware of any significant downtime over the last couple of years, but my sites are very low on access. Mainly, as I’m retired, I do several sites as a public service, a few for family needs and some for myself. None would produce any heat on a server. I don’t recall any issues over the past few years, so I have had almost no contact with Navicosoft support. I load the files, configure the domains, and away we go. Nothing is too sophisticated or complicated. Since I can’t recall any particular problem or issue, I can’t do anything except giving them five stars. I’m probably up for renewal in the new year, and I hope for no problems there.

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