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  • Review by Chloe Morley
    About Company LegionBox

    Looks like they earned my business for years to come!

    My hosting provider totally became a disaster when server and email was going down every other hour. Then out of now were they said that I used to much resource which all I had was a crm installed using there softalicous installer??? Been like that f .. >>Read more

  • Review by Dana Uvirova
    About Company Veeble

    Thanks a lot.

    Even cheap prices, they give me the best service I have ever had. Fast responses and they help me so much for all of my website migration. I've got so many requests to them and they solve all of my problems. Thanks.

  • Review by Milena Hoskova
    About Company ASVhost

    Exceeded my expectations.

    I have tried them all so far ASVhost has exceeded my expectations by far! Amazing support and quality! Their support team is really helpful and also the turnaround time for their support is superb. Highly recommended!

  • Review by Vladimir Holan
    About Company PlanetHoster


    They helped me so much with everything! And they are really friendly, skillful and patient! EXCELLENT! Say no more!

  • Review by Adam Julinek
    About Company KVCHosting

    I absolutely love these people.

    I absolutely love these people, they are right there when you need them, no email and responders garbage, just professionals who do their work, do it right, and do it fast! When you ask them to assist you with something, they just do it for you.

  • Review by Nathan Joseph
    About Company Brixly

    The best in all aspects.

    I have been a customer of a few hosting providers. Brixly is by far the best in pricing, service and support.

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Web Hosting is internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to host the content of their website, making it accessible via the World Wide Web. In simple terms, it is your online storage where you host your website data to make it available to the World.

What is Domain Name?

Domain name, simply, is address to your website, it is the unique identification that anyone can use around the World to reach your website. When an online user browse your domain name, they will see the content of your website hosting.

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